Definition of Training:

Dale S. Beach defines training as ‘the organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skill for a definite purpose’. Training refers to the teaching and learning activities carried on for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed by a particular job and organization.

According to Edwin Flippo, ‘training is the act of increasing the skills of an employee for doing a particular job’.


Need for Training:


Every organization should provide training to all the employees irrespective of their qualifications and skills.

Every year, most organizations budget money for training - over $70 billion in the United States and over $130 billion worldwide. The volume of money and effort suggests that corporations believe training is important. What do they...


Peerless's Training Coverage:

- Product Safety

- Garment Inspection

- Bangladesh labor Law & Practices

- Analyze, Corrective/ Preventive of Failure Testing Results


- Fibre Regulation ( EU/ USA)

- Care Label Regulation ( EU/ USA)