Environment Assessment & Testing

Why Environmental Assessment is Needed:


-Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is necessary today when it was not that much necessary in the past:

-Modern societies have a faster, more widespread and larger impact on the natural environment.

-The individualism of modern societies requires legal controls to replace traditional community control

-Political priorities and environmental awareness has changed

The changes brought about by previous civilizations were sometimes large but occurred very slowly so there was time to assess them. Also the environmental impacts of their actions tended to be localized and limited in impact. Today it is possible to pollute whole oceans and even the earth's atmosphere with materials that will persist long into the future.


Peerless's Environment Assessment Services in Bangladesh:


- Environmental Audit

- Test of Air Quality ( Ambient/ Indoor)

- Test of Noise Level

- Temperature

- Humidity

- Stack Air Emission ( Generator/ Boiler etc)