Lab Setup, Consultancy & Accreditation

Lab Set Up & Consultancy and Accreditation ( on Behalf of Customers):

Basically standard Lab set up is a modern process or steps that will cover management and technical requirement which finally ensure the lab operation system, quality/ accuracy of the report and precise / confident test result. Thus customer will get confident on supplier internal quality control process. That will help to avoid risk, money claim, company royalty and reputation and Legal action from consumer as well as buyer at the end of production issues come out through test or belongs to regulatory test like CPSIA, REACH etc.

Our technical expertise helps to set up a textile laboratory with implementing the quality management system as well as help to achieve the accreditation on ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. That lab became a professional that they can face any kinds of Lab certification audit towards buyer nominations and that will uphold the brand reputation for a buyer or their suppliers.

Laboratory Set Up

  • Lay Out Plan (Infrastructure, Electrical, Plumbing, Equipment and Furniture) as per standard norms

Interior Work

  • We have expert team for complete the entire laboratory project by following the lay out plan as per standard norms

Test scope and equipment

  • Finalize the combine test scope list based on different customer technical specification
  • Select the suitable equipment and brand which comply the International test standard
  • Technical review the equipment proposal and provide precise guideline for procurement

Training on test method

  • Theoretical, practical demonstration, vigorous practice and assessment of the technical person.

Training on test method

  • Training on ISO/IEC 17025: 2005
  • Quality Manual
  • Standard operation procedure on Management and technical clause of ISO/IEC 17025: 2005
  • Equipment Operating Guideline
  • Established Implement the quality management system


  • Training on audit preparation and closing non-compliance
  • Relevant document preparation towards accreditation
  • Application submit and face the audit
  • Root Cause analysis, appropriate corrective action and preventive action
  • Finally close the non-compliance
  • Received the accreditation certificates

Lab accreditation or certify on behalf of customer

  • We are nominated by BAB ( Bangladesh accreditation board) to work as lead assessor as per standard norms of ISO 17025
  • We are qualified to certify the suppliers in-house Lab on behalf of customers.