President's Message


Ken Kloss


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Our purpose is to create and sustain successful businesses in the Global Marketplace. We bring together Companies, talented individuals and resources; deliver profitable and sustainable business solution  while respecting Stakeholders, Cultures and the Environment. Our Company achieves success by Principled Leadership and adherence to our values throughout the Organization. 

Safety and Environmental Responsibility is our top priority. Our actions affect people’s lives both today and in future generations. As safety leaders we passionately care about the safety of our people and everyone we work with. We are committed to preventing accidents by raising safety awareness and providing training and equipment to work safely and to prevent injuries and ill health. We are focused on assuring everything we design and build is done safely, preserves the Environment and conserves precious resources. 

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility will determine Our Legacy. 

Our business success depends on collaboration with clients, business partners and suppliers. We are committed to understand their business needs and expectations and to nurture strong win - win relationships that are mutually beneficial. Robust relationships build repeat Business. 

Our entire organization actively seeks feedback to continually improve, strengthen and sustain healthy business relationships. 

People are heart and soul of our business. Our talented professional teams focus on delivering solutions by drawing on experience in technologies, sound business practices and innovation gained in the various industries in the Global Marketplace. We foster an open work culture promoting personal development, leadership, innovation, recognition and rewards. 

We value people’s diversity and treat each other with honesty, compassion and respect.

Peerless’s reputation and business is built on integrity. Our Business Ethics Policy promotes a culture of transparency and responsibility. We act with honesty and build trust by doing what is right for our Employees, Clients, Business partners and Suppliers. We comply with US, International and all local laws and regulations. We do not accept any violations wherever we do business. 

Our High standard of Ethics and Integrity is the compass for our Principled Leadership 

We started this business with a simple motto "Our client’s best interest is our best interest” but as our business has evolved we realize the world’s best interest is our best interest"


Ken Kloss